Photo :: Three young trees (Encino, NM)

Three small tree saplings at a rest stop on New Mexico.
CREDIT: Courtenay Bluebird

I’ve been in Northern New Mexico twice in two years. When we went through this last time, my mother decided ahead of our trip that we would spend a couple of days in Santa Fe both going and coming back from Southern Colorado. I was so grateful she did; I love Northern New Mexico. It’s the sky that just kills me: It’s always blue and full of strange clouds and unreal light. A sky like that gratifies my eye yet makes me feel human, small. It’s good to feel that vastness in your bones. Personally, I find it freeing.

Photo :: Camille considers sleep


Courtenay's friend Camille photographed while talking.
Credit: Courtenay Bluebird


Camille: There are so many movies I haven’t seen and books I haven’t read. Maybe when my youngest is six, or twenty, I’ll start to catch up.

Bluebird: What’s the very first thing you’d like to do when you have the time?

Camille: Sleep. (She smiles wistfully.) I’d like to sleep.

Photo :: A man, made of wonder

A friend of Courtenay Martin's caught mid-conversation in a casual portrait.
Credit: Courtenay Martin

Listen, I’ve known this man nearly all my life, but I’ve never shot a picture of him. He’s an amazing person— funny, brilliant, wickedly talented, yet so incredibly kind. So, the other day when we were having a late lunch, I pulled out my phone and asked him if I could shoot a few pictures.

This is one of them.