Photo :: Three young trees (Encino, NM)

Three small tree saplings at a rest stop on New Mexico.
CREDIT: Courtenay Bluebird

I’ve been in Northern New Mexico twice in two years. When we went through this last time, my mother decided ahead of our trip that we would spend a couple of days in Santa Fe both going and coming back from Southern Colorado. I was so grateful she did; I love Northern New Mexico. It’s the sky that just kills me: It’s always blue and full of strange clouds and unreal light. A sky like that gratifies my eye yet makes me feel human, small. It’s good to feel that vastness in your bones. Personally, I find it freeing.

Photo :: Camille considers sleep


Courtenay's friend Camille photographed while talking.
Credit: Courtenay Bluebird


Camille: There are so many movies I haven’t seen and books I haven’t read. Maybe when my youngest is six, or twenty, I’ll start to catch up.

Bluebird: What’s the very first thing you’d like to do when you have the time?

Camille: Sleep. (She smiles wistfully.) I’d like to sleep.

Photo :: A man, made of wonder

A friend of Courtenay Martin's caught mid-conversation in a casual portrait.
Credit: Courtenay Martin

Listen, I’ve known this man nearly all my life, but I’ve never shot a picture of him. He’s an amazing person— funny, brilliant, wickedly talented, yet so incredibly kind. So, the other day when we were having a late lunch, I pulled out my phone and asked him if I could shoot a few pictures.

This is one of them.

Photo :: Supper at the drive-in

The Husband waits for our carhop to deliver our order.
Credit: Courtenay Martin

Here’s what you cannot see— the high school football booster club was having their meeting in a booth just inside those doors; thunderstorms boomed in the distance; locals called in their orders from home and drove up just outside the frame of this shot to pick up supper.

It felt good to wait in our car for our food— we weren’t in any hurry. We rolled the windows down because the night air wore a heady perfume: the promise of rain.