Throwback Thursday: We were always like that

This is a self-portrait of us taken by The H. when we were first dating. At the time, he worked as a furniture maker. The H. specialized in mid-century bent-wood designs, but he could make anything.* In this photo, we’re standing in his workshop. The Husband had no idea that he’d set his little point and shoot camera to panoramic. That’s why the top of his head got cut out of the frame.

But, wait! It gets better.

The Husband and Bluebird posting for a picture early in their relationship.

So, right after his camera took that first picture, The Husband (who was only The Boyfriend then) tried to pick me up, but he didn’t have a solid grip. The camera captured him trying not to drop me on my head. We are laughing hysterically, of course.

The Husband and Bluebird posting for a picture early in their relationship.

I’ve got to be honest, y’all. Every time I look at these pictures, I just laugh and laugh. There are actually four of them. There’s another with my head chopped off at the top because of the panorama setting, and one other of The H. standing by his circular saw, half in darkness. It was very cold in his shop. The building in which his workshop was housed used to be a grocery warehouse at the beginning of the 20th century.

Back to us—The Husband and I had a charmed courtship. We were friends for nearly a year before we decided to start dating, and we weren’t any hurry to get anywhere. I never had more fun in my entire life up to that point than when I met him. Even now, the most fun I ever have is with The Husband—even though he makes me half-crazy almost all of the time.

But, that’s life, right? That’s what marriage can do to a body—especially if you’re in a marriage of equals. And we laugh a lot—because that’s marriage too. Above all, we talk about every idea that can be built with common words. I look at these photos and I can see how we built the kindling for a lifetime of conversations, stick by stick and story by story.

*And by anything, I mean anything. He made Japanesque Art Nouveau-style carved cabinets and Moroccan tiled octagonal tables offound wood and all sorts of cabinets with crazy tricky parquetry.

Super-Secret Saturday Night 5-Minute Dance Party | Extra-Massif Soundcloud Edition Vol. 1

The Evening News


Of our three dogs, Abelard requests the most constant companionship.

While Ilsa will wander off to mull a chewy over under her favorite wing chair and Monkey might curl into a drowsy ball in a corner of the couch, Abelard will almost always insist on draping himself across your person in an artful shape wherever you may sit, however you may stand.

But Abelard’s favorite thing* to do—his utter and absolute favorite—is to climb up in The Husband’s lap and tuck his head into a corner of The H.’s shoulder and drowse like a babe in arms.

*Abelard’s second favorite thing is to throw his one front paw across my shoulder as he and I swim towards sleep.

(Super-Secret!) Friday Night 5-Minute Dance Party | Her Majesty’s Socialist Request


(Bluebird is still dancing, but starting to get out of breath a little bit.)

Bluebird: SO, GUESSWHATTODAYIS? YES,YOUGUESSEDIT! IT’SBLUEBIRDBLVD.’S THIRDANNIVERSARY! (Shouting to The Husband in the through the adjoining wall of their offices.) ISTHATRIGHT? THETHIRD?

The Husband: (Stern, muffled by wall.) I’m not speaking to you until you “come down” from your caffeine high.


The Husband: (To you.) —that’s “Bluebird speak” for double-espressos.


The Husband: (Small fearful voice.) Oh?


(Bluebird jumps up and starts dancing again.)

The Husband: (Whispering to you.) I hid the espresso maker in my truck under the driver’s seat. (Then speaking to Bluebird through the wall.) That’s GOOD, honey. THANK YOU. You KEEP dancing UNTIL you COLLAPSE, OKAY?

(Bluebird is dancing. The dogs are barking. The Husband is smiling. Here’s what The Husband doesn’t know: Bluebird keeps a back-up espresso maker in the office, which is now steaming a fresh cup.)

Bluebird: (To all and sundry) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO BLUEBIRD BLVD.!

The Husband: (Through the wall.) Yes, happy anniversary! (A beat.) I can HEAR that you’ve got an espresso maker in there, Bluebird!

Bluebird: NO,YOUCAN’T. THAT’STHEDOGANDTHEMUSIC AND—(picks up a stack of books off of her office floor and drops them.)—ANDSOMEBOOKSIJUSTDROPPED—

The Husband: —I’m coming in there!

Bluebird: EEK!

Like this instrumental? We’re big fans of RJD2 around here—Bluebird owns four of his albums, and they get lots of airplay in her office. This song comes from More Is Than Isn’t.

The Marriage Interpreter (No. 51)

Advil Lavigne: Just tell me which one fixes the headache.

The Husband: Dude, your neck is thick! Just like that girl on Downton Abbey.

Abelard: ???

The Husband: (Grasping for name.) You know who I’m talking about—the one with the thick neck!

Abelard: ???

The Husband: (Remembers her name; face lights up. ) Lady Instagram!

THE HUSBAND is washing dishes and ruminating. Bluebird is reading.

The Husband: Bluebird?

Bluebird: Yes?

The Husband: Did you know there can only be one Highlander?

Bluebird: (Dreamily staring at open book.). Okay.

The Husband: Are you listening?

Bluebird: Yes. (Looks up.) You’re a Dr. Pepper—

The Husband: —Highlander.

Bluebird: (Returns to reading.) Congratulations.

THE HUSBAND calls Bluebird from the ranch.

The Husband: I need to ask you a serious question.

Bluebird: Okay, shoot.

The Husband: Who is Advil Lavigne?

Bluebird: I don’t—how did you…? Huh. Would you look at that.

THE HUSBAND is standing in the hallway ready to go to the hardware store. Bluebird is reading a book on the couch.

The Husband: I have your list.

Bluebird: (Without looking up.) Mmm-hmmm?

The Husband: (Scanning page.) So you need a dust mask and air filters—

Bluebird: (Still reading.) Hmmmmm.

The Husband: (Squinting.) —and a squid widow for a wool herring…

Bluebird: (Eyes still on book; shakes head.) Uh-uh.

The Husband: No squid widow?

Bluebird: (Dreamy voice.) Squeegee.

The Husband: Wool herring?

Bluebird: (Turning page of book.) Whole house.

The Husband: Your handwriting is awfu—

Bluebird: (Interjects.) —Are you wearing my glasses?

The Husband: No. (A pause.) Maybe. (A pause.) I’m going now.

Bluebird: (Turns another page.) Mmmm-hmmmm.