Humor :: The Marriage Interpreter (No. 4) — Wedding Anniversary Edition

Beaming bride with groom in early 1950s color photo

Our anniversary is. . . what date is this again?

BLUEBIRD is reading. The phone rings.

Bluebird: Hello?

The Husband: Happy anniversary, Bluebird!

Bluebird: (???)

The Husband: (pause) Oh, man. You FORGOT.

Bluebird: I. . . thought it was. . . tomorrow?

The Husband: That’s my job.

Bluebird: (Eyes rolling back into head from embarrassment.) Um.

The Husband: Don’t make that face. You just forgot to make the eighteen post-its you always use. Remember your birthday this year? Eighteen Post-Its. People in space knew it was your birthday.

Bluebird: How did you know I was making that face?

The Husband: Because we’re married. Happy anniversary. You’re getting Post-Its. Act surprised.