Our Sunday Best | A Quick One While She’s Away

BB - OSB - A Quick One While She's Away

SCENE: A television studio. The set is dressed to look like a personal library. Everything is a little bit flimsy.

BLUEBIRD: (Sitting in wing back chair with a fine leather-bound coloring book on her lap.) On Bluebird Blvd. this week, we’ve talked about everything from the universe to The Beach Boys to jump ropes to tabloid magazines to profanity.

BLUEBIRD: (Looks directly into the camera.) To celebrate a week filled with words, I want to give you a somewhat different treat. Here are five clips from movies I adore that help me fill the well of my own creativity,  soften my sense of this world,  and finally,  bring me great joy.

BLUEBIRD: Some of these you may have seen; some you may want to see; some may not be your cup of tea.  All of these clips are SFW. Unless, of course, you want to go back to talking about profanity again…. No? Another time, then. I hope these clips bring you a little joy today. (Goes back to coloring with stubby crayons in leather-bound book.)

BLUEBIRD: (Shouting over shoulder.) Okay, start the projector! What do you mean the film is smoking? OOOOH NOOOOO! Where’s the fire extinguisher? Never mind. It’s fine now. Sharpen that focus, Skip! Where’s the volume knob? Let’s play it loud! Turn off the lights! ROLL ‘EM!

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou


The Ghost and Mr. Chicken

Young Frankenstein

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy