A Note from the Editor :: Hello! Please excuse our dust.

Man and woman leaning out of a railway cab in Ontario.

At Bluebird Blvd., we pride ourselves on our ability to create a big hot mess.

Hello! Hello to you and you and especially you, sir or madam!

Like the prodigal sons of yore, Bluebird Blvd. has returned to its true home, WordPress.com, after three years on an offsite server.

You may have noticed that a thousand or so stories appear to be missing from Bluebird Blvd. Fret not! We are in the process of cleaning up many of your favorite stories which got jostled in the move and lost photographs, keywords, et. al.

Some older posts may not meet our current standard of publishing, and those will be removed indefinitely or permanently depending on individual quality.

If you have a particular story you fear will go missing, feel free to leave a comment or for that matter pop into any story on Bluebird Blvd. and chat with us. You can also send us a private note through our contact button the bottom of this any page of the site.

Now that we’ve got that settled, please be aware that we’ve missed you all and are truly happy to be on WP.com writing versus doing double-duty writing and wrangling code elsewhere.

We’re especially excited for some new stories and features we have planned, and excited to put a new twist on some perennial favorites.

Enough about us: How are you doing these days? What’s been keeping you busy? Listening to any new music lately? What was the last great book you read? Did you find any new interesting place on the internet recently?  What is the square root of the color orange divided by the word mandible plus three notes on a wheezy accordion?

See?  You’ve really have been missed!