Photo :: The evening news

Abelard draped across The Husband's lap in a wing back chair at night.

Abelard’s favorite thing* to do—his utter and absolute favorite—is to climb up in The Husband’s lap and tuck his head into a corner of The H.’s shoulder and drowse like a babe in arms while they both watch the evening news.

4 thoughts on “Photo :: The evening news”

  1. Oh you still have him! I admit I hoped you would keep him but with two dogs already I didn’t think it would happen. You and The Husband are exactly the loving pack leaders a dog down on his luck needs. -huge hugs-

    1. We do! I’ve been dying to write a follow-up story but I was—as I mentioned—dealing with tech woes. (All of which are over now, knock wood.)

      He’s such a good baby, Meeka. He’s kissy and gentle. Ilsa loves to play with him. Monkey finds him tolerable. He’s learned all sorts of basic things—he can sit and shake and come to you on call.

      I could go on for hours about him—Abelard has enriched our everyday life so much. Thank you for helping him and his hour of need, Meeks!

    2. Thank you, Meeks. You are so very kind. I think he’s helped us to blossom too! Abelard went from being a hand-shy dog—he wasn’t abused, just not ever handled—to the most loving creature in the house. Hugs and hugs back!

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