Photo :: Three young trees (Encino, NM)

Three small tree saplings at a rest stop on New Mexico.
CREDIT: Courtenay Bluebird

I’ve been in Northern New Mexico twice in two years. When we went through this last time, my mother decided ahead of our trip that we would spend a couple of days in Santa Fe both going and coming back from Southern Colorado. I was so grateful she did; I love Northern New Mexico. It’s the sky that just kills me: It’s always blue and full of strange clouds and unreal light. A sky like that gratifies my eye yet makes me feel human, small. It’s good to feel that vastness in your bones. Personally, I find it freeing.

9 thoughts on “Photo :: Three young trees (Encino, NM)”

    1. I did! I found it in my email just last night. I’ve written you back. Congratulations on your upcoming book publication! You are so talented and you’ve worked so hard on this project that it thrills me to no end that you’ve matched up with publisher. This is so exiting!

    2. Thank you, Bluebird. I had no idea just how famous you are until I googled your un-bluebird name and found you everywhere with Trisha Tippett, TED, and everywhere else in this small universe!

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