5-Minute Dance Party :: Your Feet’s Too Big

Who’s that walkin’ ’round here?


Bluebird cracks up. Man, I— (Wipes tears away. Shakes head.) Wait a second, I— (Cracks up again.) Oh, man, I LOVE Fats Waller and I thought you— (Bluebird laughs so hard she snorts.) —you needed this one today.

(Bluebird mutters—) We have got to listen to more Fats Waller* around here. (She hits play, and starts cracking up all over again.)


Animation by Nancy Belman. 1983.

AL CAPONE DID WHAAAAT??? You’re going to want to read Fats Wallers’ Wikipedia entry, especially the anecdote about Waller’s being kidnapped by cronies of Al Capone. It’s not to be believed (but you’d better believe it!)

Hey there, Cupcake! How are ya?

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