5-Minute Dance Party | It’s ON

HEY! IMPORTANT. If you have a seizure or a migraine risk, there are two sets of quick strobes in this video The first is from 02:19-02:20, and the second is at 02:27-02:29.

Also, a curse word at the end there be, mateys!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Daaa—. . . Oh, I just don’t have it in me.

NO ONE is more qualified to create art with Irish stepdancing themes than the three-part crew that comprises UP AND OVER IT.

So let me get out of the way, and allow you enjoy these former World Champions and ten-year veterans of huge touring Irish Dance shows give you a new perspective on Irish Dancing.

Have a good one. Enjoy today on my behalf, okay?

4 thoughts on “5-Minute Dance Party | It’s ON”

    1. I would feel ashamed except my experience of “Danny Boy” is completely marred by the following repeated instance:

      The céilí is winding down. O, halloo! O, hooray! It’s been SO MUCH FUN.

      The dancers are tired and the band is wiped, but the people who have been drinking all night at the tables like soggy stones?

      They are verrrry awake.

      One flushed man stands up, and—

      begins to sing a belting tenor version that’s quite pretty except it makes all the drunk people cry.

      And the dancers are miffed because even after all that goodwill and sweat they created to keep the room lively was felled by one snow-thatched drunk guy.

      And all he had to do was sang the biggest Irish-American buzzkill of a song. (Because it’s an American tune, yeah?)

      Coda: The dancers and the musicians and the observers leave silently as to not disturb the drunks, who are resisting their sober spouses plucking at their sleeves. (And… scene!)

    2. Oh tales like this should not be hidden away in comment spaces like this!

      There is at least one poem, one piece of flash-fiction, and one short-story I should think waiting to be born!

      How about The Feeling’s Sewn as an antidote:

      “Danny boy, don’t be afraid, to shake that ass, and misbehave
      Danny boy, I know you got time, but what are you waiting for,
      Anyway, the dust may just blow away, if you wait for a windy day.”

      I have to admit to suffering occasional bouts of a condition that makes me prone to Danny Boy, Sentimentalia I think it is called.

      I shall try and post in my next comment something to make you succumb to it!

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