Worn Black Coat



About Courtenay Bluebird (Bluebird Blvd.)

Courtenay Bluebird is the creator of Bluebird Blvd. and The Bluebird B-Side. She is a published writer, career journalist, and professional photographer who likes books and sweets. She laughs loudly and sincerely both in public and in private.
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  1. Really, *really* like. Your skills have been evolving in leaps and bounds.

  2. Oh, thank you both so much. I really, really appreciate these comments as I’m trying to learn more every day. Positive feedback from people I know and trust helps a great deal!

  3. You’re rocking the charcoals! Keep them coming, please!!

  4. He looks like someone I wish I knew. A modern-day Aubrey Beardsley? Lovely.

Hey there, cupcake! How are ya?

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