The Marriage Interpreter (No. 45)

Awareness About Awareness

THE HUSBAND is reading on the couch.

The Husband: (Looking up.) You know—

Bluebird: —no I don’t.

The Husband: I want to create ribbons you can pin on your shirt.

Bluebird: Ribbons for what?

The Husband: For awareness.

Bluebird: (Reluctantly). Okay?

The Husband: An awareness pin to help people to be aware of awareness.

Bluebird: You—

The Husband: Don’t you dare—

Bluebird: You hurt me like the world hurts God.

The Husband: —quote Sylvia Plath. Dammit. I have a new idea for an awareness pin.

Bluebird: Mmm?

The Husband: For people who are married to people who quote Sylvia Plath. Our ribbon will be sherbet orange. We’re going to read a lot of rhyming doggerel, lady. A lot.


THE HUSBAND is standing outside of Bluebird’s office, just out of sight.

The Husband: I am like dandruff— silent but deadly!

Deadly Husband

THE HUSBAND is watching Russian historical documentaries in Russian on YouTube.

The Husband: (Smiling happily at his laptop screen.) You can find anything on YouTube. If you want to learn how to make a knuckle sandwich, all you have to do is type in “knuckle sandwich” and a YouTube video will teach you how to make one.

Bluebird: ???


THE HUSBAND is making dinner.

The Husband: I like the navy sweater you got me from Goodwill. It matches the blue in my hair.

Blue Hair Husband

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Courtenay Bluebird is the creator of Bluebird Blvd. and The Bluebird B-Side. She is a published writer, career journalist, and professional photographer who likes books and sweets. She laughs loudly and sincerely both in public and in private.
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  1. Your guy cracks me up. I’m so glad you document these moments. And I love the photos and captions you’ve added to this set!

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