The Marriage Interpreter (No. 43)

The Husband dances around Bluebird's office.

THE HUSBAND is talking in bed. Bluebird is not listening.

The Husband: … my lumbago was acting up, and that was the year my Uncle Rufus got the Ear-Dread that was going around in ninenteen… ought-six.

Bluebird: ???




THE HUSBAND just walked into the living room.

The Husband: (Points at Bluebird dramatically.) I had a dream last night that you were trying to put me in a Judo outfit. Uniform. Whatever.

Bluebird: (Looks up from computer.) Was this when I put the blankets back on you? The dogs stole them while you were asleep, you know.

The Husband: And I kept telling you in my dream that I wanted to dress like the Native American dude from the Village People because that has always been my wish since I was a wee boy of six.

Bluebird: (A beat.) I’m calling your sisters this afternoon. I want details. I bet you ruined a feather pillow, didn’t you?

The Husband: (Waves arms wildly. Dogs start barking and jumping around.) C’mon Monkey!  Get Bluebird! JUDO CHOP!




THE HUSBAND is explaining how he spells new words.

The Husband: I try to pronounce it frenetically because I am a listening person who listens a lot, but what I really want to do is listen and talk at the same time.

Bluebird: Frenetically? Are we still talking about spelling?

The Husband: Yes. It’s like that learning gizmo that kids use. Hooked On Frenetics. It has cards, I think. And a gold bell. Maybe puffy stickers.

Bluebird: I, uh… yeah. (Cracks up laughing.)

The Husband: What’s so funny? Are you writing this down?




THE HUSBAND is at the ranch. He is on the phone with Bluebird.

The Husband: (Musing.) You know, what? I am going to start saying “’round yonder” more often.

Bluebird: Why?

The Husband: ‘Cause that’s where I am at right now. You know, in my heart.

Bluebird: (Baffled.) Where are you, physically?

The Husband: (With a shrug in his voice.) Does ’round yonder have map coordinates? Can you find the joy of a crisp autumn breeze on Google Maps? Can you really pinpoint the surfectifaciousisnessness of wanderlust?

Bluebird: (Slowly.) I think I have a headache from… yonder.




THE HUSBAND is passing Bluebird in the hallway.

The Husband: You don’t understand my music*!

Bluebird: (Eyes blinking rapidly.) I what, now?

The Husband: See? Tambourine, tambourine, tambourine! (Dances down hallway to bedroom.)

Bluebird: (Speaking down empty hallway.) You’re quoting Bob’s Burgers again, aren’t you?

The Husband: (From bedroom.) Tam-bour-ine! Tam-bour-ine!


*The Husband quotes the TV show Bob’s Burgers all the time lately.



The Marriage Interpreter [No. 39]

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    Tonight, we will all enjoy Golem and Herb crackers together.

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  1. I missed The H. Glad he is back from out yonder. You have my permission to tell him he is in good company; there are a lot of us who also spell frenetically. It is absolutely cor`ect to do so when pholowing the filosofy of Faydrus.

  2. Yay! He’s back. Tell the Husband I mist him.

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