{The Bluebird Dictionary} Flukulele

Portrait of Cliff Edwards playing ukulele


 Here’s the actual Cliff Edwards playing a real ukulele.



/ˌfluːkəˈleɪliː/,  floo-ka-LAY-lee*


n. 1.  A musical instrument played perfectly, one time, as if it were a fluke:  Ralph picked up the bagpipes and wheezed out the first sixteen bars of  The Archies’ “Sugar, Sugar,” but then he couldn’t get the damn thing to work ever again.  Good luck playing that flukulele, Ralph!  2. An instrument owned by a person who stubbornly insists that he or she does not need lessons, despite audible evidence to the contrary:  Ralph’s niece Lizette owns a piccolo, but it might as well be a flukulele.  She refuses to take a single lesson, but insists we all listen to her truly novel sharps and flats version of “America, the Beautiful.”

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*Pronunciation key courtesy of Wikipedia


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