5-Minute Dance Party [Cross Road Blues]


Standin’ at the crossroads,

I tried to flag a ride

Standin’ at the crossroads,

I tried to flag a ride

Didn’t nobody seem to know me—

everybody pass me by


This Robert Johnson standard has about umpty-ump interpretations, some of them quite controversial. Take a look at Wikipedia’s synopsis of Cross Road Blues to see what I’m alluding to here.


5-Minute Dance Party | Let My Baby Ride



Well, all right.


Well, well, well!


When it comes to the blues, no one is more modern than R.L. Burnside. Burnside was one of the earliest bluesmen to add electronic looping as part of his repertoire—his music is SO much fun.


5-Minute Dance Party | My Father Was A Jockey



My father was a jockey—

he taught me how to ride.

My father was a jockey!

He taught me how to ride.

Once in the middle—

and side-to-side.


Let’s say I’ve got something big coming up. In fact, let’s say that I’m driving to this important engagement—  a poetry performance, maybe.

And let’s say that I need to be in a focused, high-energy head-space.

This is the song I listen to when I need to pull out—





Let’s say this song teaches me how to ride.  Once in the middle, and side-to-side.