A Canyon Hymn

Big Bend Canyon Vintage-Style Photograph

Well sir, when you’re in your first canyon, your eye can’t see but a bit of it. So you slowly wheel your head around. And then you start to understand what you are and what you ought to be, and what a canyon really is. Read on, Reader!

I Wish I Was Here

Big Bend Landscape Bluebird Blvd.

I was saving this photograph I shot for a special occasion, and you are that special occasion! The “How to Be a Writer” story will run on Sunday. Can’t wait to share it with you! (It comes with a special surprise!) Read on, Reader!

Far Far Far Away

Self-Portrait photograph with text

It has been one strange day, darlin’! I thought my blog had been hacked. (It absolutely was not. Long, very dumb story.) So all I have is this picture of me, for you. Is it enough? Is it okay? Read on, Reader!