A Canyon Hymn

Big Bend Canyon Vintage-Style Photograph

Well sir, when you’re in your first canyon, your eye can’t see but a bit of it. So you slowly wheel your head around. And then you start to understand what you are and what you ought to be, and what a canyon really is. Read on, Reader!

I Wish I Was Here

Big Bend Landscape Bluebird Blvd.

I was saving this photograph I shot for a special occasion, and you are that special occasion! The “How to Be a Writer” story will run on Sunday. Can’t wait to share it with you! (It comes with a special surprise!) Read on, Reader!

Far Far Far Away

Self-Portrait photograph with text

It has been one strange day, darlin’! I thought my blog had been hacked. (It absolutely was not. Long, very dumb story.) So all I have is this picture of me, for you. Is it enough? Is it okay? Read on, Reader!

The Light Changes Who We Are

The Light Changes Who We Are

This is the question that is never far from my mind: Why can light charge and shape and change, not just how we look, but who we are? And I’m only partly talking about photography here. Read on, Reader!

Our Dreams Are Simple

Our Dreams Are Simple

Please enjoy this photograph of The Husband, but know that there is a THIRD post coming today! Also, we will be posting on an extra day— tomorrow (aka, Valentine’s Day)— as Valentine’s Day really the international holiday for all bluebirds, everywhere. <3 Read on, Reader!

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