[Super-Secret Friday Night 5-Minute Dance Party] The City Is London

You got the love.


You got the love.


You got the love.


Oh, you’ve got the love.


As you know, Bluebird Blvd. does a no-repeat year of music on our patented 5-Minute Dance Party—BUT!—there is an exception to every rule, you know? If I find something too phenomenal to keep archived for an entire year, I’ll do a special Super-Secret 5-Minute Dance Party just to feature that special song or short film.

And today just happens to be one of those odd cases where I found several beautiful mashups and compositions by an outfit called Ithaca Audio. (I love it when that happens! More goodies to share with you all!) Go to [5-Minute Dance Party] Rolling in the Beats (Live Mashup) to enjoy a wholly different sound from these talented professional audio folks.

Extra bonus— Ithaca Audio has a free and legal download of The City Is London on the Ithaca Audio Facebook Page. And (oh my gosh this is the coolest thing) you can play with their interactive version of the The City Is London mashup on YouTube.

So, Happy Friday! And Happy Super-Secret Friday Night 5-Minute Dance Party! I’ve missed y’all so much! (Can someone play e off this stage? I’d like a little cha-cha music, if you could, please.)

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  1. Mesmerizing. Thanks BB! The interactive version is fun too. Ah, Cillian Murphy FTW.

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