Super-Secret Friday Night 5-Minute Dance Party | Bellydancer

“And then your aunties start arriving.

For some reason, there are hundreds of the old women who call themselves your auntie.

And every single one of them wants to squeeze your cheeks as hard as she possibly can

and tell you, you’re the most beautiful human being that ever lived.

And after awhile, you start to believe it.”


I think you’re going to fall in love a little bit with this man’s story about his British-Iraqi grandmother and his British (and Jewish) grandfather and a party. I won’t ruin it for you! Just enjoy, enjoy, enjoy— Oh, everyone meet Shlomo, who, so far, has worked with a number of major music artists and comedians, and has won some amazing awards, including being a Guinness World Record Holder (with a bunch of people) for creating the World’s Largest Beatboxing Ensemble.

Happy Super Secret Friday Night 5-Minute Dance Party, everybody!

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