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Sometimes it just feels grand to sit and marvel at what one creator can do. When I think about The Muppets, I am flabbergasted to remember that all of this came from Jim Henson’s mind, eye, and heart.

It can also be a pleasure to see how someone else’s idea is perceived by another creator. Mash-up artist Pogo has been remixing icons of Disney for half a decade now. It seems right that he would turn his imaginative gaze towards Jim Henson’s creations.

What do you think when one artist builds* on the idea of another artist? Is there a way to do it that’s respectful of original work? Is there a time and a place to question that respect through the creation of new art on an older idea?

(*I’m not talking about theft here— I feel very strongly about creator’s rights and attribution. On Bluebird Blvd., we follow the Curator’s Code.)

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Courtenay Bluebird is the creator of Bluebird Blvd. and The Bluebird B-Side. She is a published writer, career journalist, and professional photographer who likes books and sweets. She laughs loudly and sincerely both in public and in private.
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  1. love the new colour scheme. 🙂 The mash up is catchy but I’m not a huge fan of mashups in general. This one is clever but my brain just felt as if it was trying to play catch up all the time. Methinks that may be a function of old age though. 😉

    • You do?!? Thank you! I had a lot of fun putting the new site together. It’s been quite a bear to find a workable framework for Bluebird Blvd.— I think this is the best one, in terms of functionality.

      Re: Mash-ups. I think the most successful mash-ups become something entirely new once the creator is finished. I’m not sure that it’s a generational thing, but I do know that when I was a teenager, there was a brief period in which the DJ who could do a live mix (what we now call a mashup) was considered to be royalty. Going dancing with DJs like that around felt like going to live theater. It was so, so much fun!

    • lol – definitely generational I think! I was never one for clubbing even in my younger days so I missed that whole period, and have no nostalgic connections to it. On the other hand, I couldn’t avoid hearing some remixes on the radio which featured classical music that I know and love. Having something I do love constantly interrupted by…noise? was incredibly annoying, especially as the DJ or whoever basked in the glory of music he/she didn’t create without even citing where that music came from. So… I’m old /and/ grumpy. lol

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