She Was Born Tricky

Born Tricky

About Courtenay Bluebird (Bluebird Blvd.)

Courtenay Bluebird is the creator of Bluebird Blvd. and The Bluebird B-Side. She is a published writer, career journalist, and professional photographer who likes books and sweets. She laughs loudly and sincerely both in public and in private.
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  1. YAY! A new, new drawing? Love the expression.

    • It is new! I started this drawing a year ago, but it was half-finished. It was merely an underdrawing with no detail. I picked it up yesterday and in two hours, it was done.

      I am so excited to be drawing again!

      And I am so glad you liked the expression!

  2. Yay! to seeing one of your drawings :D

Hey there, cupcake! How are ya?

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