It’s Official! Bluebird Blvd. has moved!



Olly-olly-oxen free! The move is complete! Come on over to Bluebird Blvd.’s new home and take a look around, tell me what you think.

I still have some things to tinker with— some fonts to change out, some CSS to to adjust, some cool new features— but I would love to hear what you think of the new place.

Bluebird Blvd.—

(Oh, hey! If you visit Bluebird Blvd., you can either grab the RSS/Atom feed and put it back in your WordPress reader, or you can follow by email.)

Any which way, I’d love to see you!

—Courtenay Bluebird.

Hello? This is Bluebird Blvd. speaking. Who may I say is calling?

ortrait) Rene Magritte (1936)

And now you can ask a question, share an idea, tell a joke, make a suggestion— all sorts of things, really! — just by filling out this form, which will always be prominently located on every page. Can you find where I’ve put the link? (Oh yeah! I almost forgot! Isn’t this Magritte self-portrait amazing?) Read on, Reader!

5-Minute Dance Party [Mein Herr]

Liza Minnelli

Liza Minnelli’s grand finish of this wonderful number just kills me ever time— so I was hoping that if I posted it, we could talk about it. How does that sound? Gut? Wunderbar! Read on, Reader!

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