Instant Bluebird! She Is Kawehi!

Kawehi Playlist Cover - Soundcloud -Bluebird Blvd.

Did you enjoy today’s 5-Minute Dance Party? I hope so! Here’s some music direct from Kawehi herself on SoundCloud to download and enjoy!

Read on, Reader!

Instant Bluebird! Live-Blogging moments (with links!) of the 2014 Academy Awards

Oscar Statuette

From bookies to tastemakers, there’s a spot for everybody online at tonight’s Academy Awards. Read on, Reader!

Instant Bluebird! Make the Song Go Bang! (A Quick Lester Bangs Primer)

Startling hand drawn album artwork for Lester Bangs and the Delinquents "Jook Savages."

No single rock critic had more lifelong enemies or more posthumous admirers than the infamous Lester Bangs. He is rock’s most polarizing figure. Maybe that’s why I love him so much? What’s your take on Lester Bangs? Read on, Reader!

Instant Bluebird! Ghosting the Lens— Books and Films on Modern Photography

Landscape: Ansel Adams McDonald Lake Glacier National Park

I promised you last week that I would give you a list of the juiciest books and documentaries that talk about this special period in early modern photography. AND HERE THEY ARE! Read on, Reader!

Instant Bluebird! The Fosse Legacy vs. The Michael Jackson Controversy

Bob Fosse talking to someone off-camera.

Since I wrote this story, the Bob Fosse/Michael Jackson comparison has whipped around the internet at least twice. If you’re confused as to who inspired who, just remember that Bob Fosse was born in 1927, and choreographed his first full musical in 1954. Michael Jackson was born in 1958, the same year that the 31-year-old Fosse choreographed the film “New Girl in Town.” Clear? Clear! Okey-dokey. Read on, Reader!

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