Sports Mania SPECIAL broadcast: Post-Saint Patrick’s Day wrap-up

Action shot of Irish Stepdancers in Ireland.

COURTENAY BLUEBIRD: (Smiling.) What if TV sports shows did a post-game wrap up of St. Patrick’s Day events? Let’s find out! Read on, Reader!

Super-Secret Friday Night 5-Minute Dance Party— Whose Line Is It Anyway? The Best of Wayne Brady

Wayne Brady Queen Bee Whose Line Screencap

When was the last time you had a chance to watch some really great Wayne Brady clips from the old “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” Would you like to watch some now? Happy Super-Secret Friday Night 5-Minute Dance Party! Read on, Reader!

The Universe, According to My Husband

Dr.Robert Goddard at Clark University NASA Commons

I did not know when I married The Husband that his hobby was studying the universe.  And I did not know that would include having to listen to and/or watch in passing a sleek-packaged array of programs about every element of the science of the universe. But I now know I do not understand the following:  astronomy, astrometry, astrophysics, astronautics, astrochemistry, aerospace engineering, spectroscopy, cosmography, cosmology, and basic geography. Read on, Reader!

Because this word should be in the dictionary— spellzerker


Have you ever had spellcheck start acting bizarre on a regular basis? Okay. But have you ever taken it personally? Wait! Don’t answer that. Read on, Reader!

The Marriage Interpreter [No. 42]

What'd I Do?

In marriage this saying is doubly true: Don’t ask the question if you don’t want to hear the answer. Especially when the answer is an unprompted “Well, your forehead isn’t that big in real life.” No, really! Read on, Reader!

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