Are you sure you’re ready to come home?

The Husband is wearing a New Year's Eve tiara and is grinning. Vintage-style advert.

So, I guess I should say that The Husband doesn’t ordinarily wear a tiara? Also? Ireland. Read on, Reader!

Miss Frankly Forty

Winking comic book style early 1950s woman representing Courtenay Bluebird: Miss Frankly Forty

You know what? I turned 40 on Monday. Here’s an illustration of what I think of my forties so far. Read on, Reader!

A note from The Management regarding the current geographic coordinates of the sexiness

Sexy Back Promo image

Maybe my schedule will open up in February 2015? Read on, Reader!

Sports Mania SPECIAL broadcast: Post-Saint Patrick’s Day wrap-up

Action shot of Irish Stepdancers in Ireland.

COURTENAY BLUEBIRD: (Smiling.) What if TV sports shows did a post-game wrap up of St. Patrick’s Day events? Let’s find out! Read on, Reader!