Adulthood CONFIDENTIAL! Get Your Damn Foot Off the Brake.

Untitled West Texas Palm Tree

You know what? This has not been my favorite season. (And the hits still keep comin’!) But here’s the thing— ultimately I know what things I can control and what things I can’t. And what I could not control during this trip to Big Bend with my friend D. was this person who kept stomping his brakes in front of us on a curvy basin road in the rain. Are you ready now? Tale my hand and let us go together into this story. Read on, Reader!

Adulthood CONFIDENTIAL! Enough.

Jeanne d'Arc

“When you are completely off balance, so much so that you are certain you will topple over—you bring the paddle down hard on the water’s surface, the way ducks bat their wings. You will feel your kayak right itself. Only by moving in the direction you least trust can you be saved.” —Roger Rosenblatt Read on, Reader!

Adulthood CONFIDENTIAL! Color, I Exhaled

Subtractive Color

Can you visualize color without reference? Can you recall sequenced sound? Does the smell of baker’s chocolate bring up a complete memory, unpacked, of your childhood? Which of the five senses unlocks your world? Read on, Reader!

Adulthood CONFIDENTIAL! Why I Didn’t, and Why I Did, and Why I’ll Do It Again [A Costume Design Story]


When you try to learn a new skill, remember this: Learning how to fail at something new, takes you halfway to learning how to succeed at it. Really. Read on, Reader!

Adulthood CONFIDENTIAL! Why I Didn’t and Why I Did [A Fashion Story]

Hat Satin Flowers Ostrich Feathers

First you take the fabric and boil the chicken broth and examine your light sources when you consider the built in furniture potatoes are a good source of potassium and don’t forget to press your seams, students. Read on, Reader!

Adulthood CONFIDENTIAL! A Word of One’s Own at the Gates of the Secret City


You’re never in repose, you see. Because you’re writing, or thinking about writing, or you have written, and now need sleep. Read on, Reader!