Bluebird Audiobook: Guiville’s Etude No. 3 (Sleepless)

I never wake, nor do I sleep—

I creep to bed in neutral twilight
like a woman enticed out to the sea
by a tide, a tow, a rip that rocks
and pulls me free from gravity
and her heavy embrace.  But, no.

from Etude No. 3 (Sleepless)

Experimental composer and multi-instrumentalist Guiville (aka David Marlow) brought his considerable talents to bear on this stunning interpretation of Etude No. 3 (Sleepless). (We are beside ourselves with glee over this dark and cerebral musical interpretation!)

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Courtenay Bluebird is the creator of Bluebird Blvd. and The Bluebird B-Side. She is a published writer, career journalist, and professional photographer who likes books and sweets. She laughs loudly and sincerely both in public and in private.
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