Because this word should be in the dictionary— spellzerker


I'm sorry, but I can't let you spell your name with the letter a, Dave.



    ˈspel -ˈsərk, -ˈzərk; -ər   adv.    1.  When the spellcheck feature on a program pulls a nutty and starts counting every English word as misspelled using the algorithm for the Saami languages without notice, making one doubt one’s native ability to spell one’s own name.  2.  When one cannot spell a word, and goes a little wild trying to imagine what letters that word contains: Ralph stayed up late last night typing a letter to his Aunty Gee because his spellcheck went spellzerker and started counting any word with the letter “a” in it as misspelled.

    See Also:   De•lu•sion of Grand De•corthes•a•rude Krak•a•tau! 

    {Origin: The Absconditam Files de pubis ARCANUS! of the steppes of Northern Bluebirdistan}



Library Appeal , 1973

IMAGE CREDIT: Screenshot from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Original creator: Stanley Kubrick. Screenshot creator: Unknown.


The pronunciation key for this word was provided by the expert guidance of The Merriam-Webster Dictionary.


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  1. I’m definitely a spellzerker! I know the miserable gremlin is going to hate my UK English spellings and I try not to look, but it’s impossible and sometimes I just have to drag out the old Oxford to reassure myself I’m not going insane.

  2. I think that all spelling algorithms have:
    1. Engaged in kincoitus
    2. Have become deciduous
    3. Soon been forgotten
    4. Their origins in Bukowski’s Factotum
    5. Spent way too much time in Google searches
    6. No idea what Baklava is
    7. Stiffer bristles than a hog’s hair brush
    8. Shared formuli with asymptotic parabolic equations
    9. Never used deoderant
    10. The tunes that are imbedded in their brains are always in A harmonic minor.

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