The Bluebird Dictionary— Krakatau!


This is the actual Anak Krakatau! This volcano also represents a polite euphemism for a conniption fit.



ˌkra-kə-ˈtau̇  proper noun 1.  An actual active volcano located on an island betwixt Java, Indonesia and Sumatra best noted for the largest auditory explosive sound heard by modern ears. [Proper name: Anak Krakatau]  n.  2. A sudden unexpected emotional detonation involving some, if not all, of the following characteristics— profanity, shouting, wheeling of the arms, buggy eyes, rapid blinking, reduction to non-word-type gibberish:  Ralph thought he was going to have very normal day, when out of nowhere a silent but deadly* Prius cut him off in the right-hand lane and he went Krakatau! despite the fact that he was heading down to volunteer at the library. And then he felt post-Krakatau!  shame.

{Origin: The Secretum Societatis Quintum Dicendum Quod Adulti of Northern Bluebirdistan, as well as a follow-up Super-Secret document, found originally on parchment in a cave located in the hills of Western Bluebirdistan.}


See Also:  Post• Krak•a•tau Shame

Library Appeal , 1973

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The pronunciation key for this word was provided by the expert guidance of The Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

*“Silent but deadly Prius”? That’s a Futurama joke, soon!

*This Bluebird Blvd. Dictionary entry was originally posted on March 15, 2012.

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  1. Such a great word – it has such a jumpy sound that is funny and dance-worthy when repeated (and lovely definition).

  2. Loved this one. :) Yours must be the only dictionary where the provenance is as delicious as the definition!

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