AUDIOBOOK VERSION: The Names of South Texas Plants

A NOTE: If you have any problems listening or downloading this reading, please head over to this page on Soundcloud, where you can listen to The Names of South Texas Plants. However, I didn’t realize you couldn’t share with non-Soundcloud users. I will have an easy-to-download recording available to you before the end of the day, y’all.)

ONE. This is a story I never intended to tell about my grandparents, but it’s all true. Feel free to download this story to enjoy offline. You can read along with the text here: A City Tree in the Afternoon -and- The Names of South Texas Plants.

TWO. No, my grandparents didn’t actually sound like that. My grandparents had a South Texas accent—which is flat and nasal and musical. I have tried and I have tried, but I cannot replicate anything like it! When I read their dialogue for this story, I think I sound like Fozzy Bear doing selections from “Slingblade.”

THREE: Do I sound spacy at the end? I recorded this more than 20 times because the best recording app I have only allows you to do one straight track with no stops and no do-overs. The track right before this one was perfect… and then my dog barked just as I was reading the last sentence. Ah, me—I hope you enjoy this less-perfect version. Happy Sunday, darlings.

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  1. How do you download? I can’t find a download option (I’m having trouble hearing it in my browser).

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