[5-Minute Dance Party] Massane Cisse

I’m a fool for popular Sénégalese music, and I’m not sure why.

I’ve got a theory though. When I first started freelancing for a big newspaper, one of my first stories was the residency and performance of the magnificent Le Ballet National du Sénégal. (There’s a story there, but I’ll have to tell it to you some other day.)

Maybe that’s not it. Maybe it’s just that pop music in West Africa swings so hard that I can’t help but be pulled into its masterful rhythms. Generally, the music of regional West Africa is so diverse and musical styles develop and mature so quickly within those traditions that it’s impossible to pick just one to enjoy. So why not enjoy them all?

Writer Deanne Sole has written a great brief piece on Pop Matters about Idrissa Diop and Cheikh Tidiane Tall and their 2011 American release of album Diamonoye Tiopite.

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  1. I had a girlfriend many moons ago from Tanzania. She introduced me to the music and my toes kept tapping even after marrying someone else. The tape I had disappeared one day, very strange.
    I also had a single at the time shaped as the African Continent called Scatterlings of Africa by Juluka,.which I believe winged it’s way back to Africa when my girlfriend went home. It must have heard the call.

    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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