[5-Minute Dance Party] Y.A.L.A.

*Warning, flashing lights! Here are two great live performances you can watch instead: M.I.A. on The Colbert Report or M.I.A. on Conan.

**NSFW for language right at the end, but it’s the most important bit of the video, so the language is contextual, I think.

Alarms go off

when I

enter the building

Last week’s premiere of music video, Y.A.L.A., is yet another eye-popping adventure into the remix culture of music artist M.I.A.


Immediately after viewing Y.A.L.A., I just knew I’d have to share this with you. It really is something else. Stylistically, viewers have remarked that this song preview appears to be inspired by the North Indian Hindu Festival, Holi Day, (colloquially called the “Holi Festival” in the West). The comparison to Holi Day makes sense if you know that M.I.A.’s background was first in the visual arts, where her thickly layered bright imagery became popular among musical artists in the early 2000s.

M.I.A. started her music career a few short years after her initial popularity as a commercial artist for the music business. Her bright colors and cut ‘n’ paste ethos inform her own lyrics and music videos, many of which offer a personal glimpse into the convergence of pop culture and religious life.

On Bluebird Blvd., we featured M.I.A.’s stunning stylistic departure Bad Girls on our 5-Minute Dance Party in 2012— which was a hands-down favorite around here.

M.I.A’s 2013 summer release, Bring the Noize, offers a more direct look Hindu symbolism from this dynamic and sometimes controversial musical artist.

OUR SUNDAY BEST will return next week at its regularly scheduled time. Here’s what’s going on: I am finally, finally catching up on all the important stuff after a year of technical and personal disasters. Thank you so much for your continuing patience— I promise to try and make the wait worthwhile.

AMAZON: M.I.A.’s much-anticipated November 2013 album: [amazon text=Matangi&chan=default&asin=B00FEFOL60]

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