5-Minute Dance Party | The Summer Storm that Bent the Sky (Supa-Sonic Edition!)

Summer storm clouds move in and crowd over my rooftop
*Note: One song in this mix, “Bust This Bust That” by Professor Kliq does have some profanity right in the middle of it. NFSW for standard curse words in that one song; no younger listeners, please. Otherwise, everything is SFW.

*This Free Music Archive player will not show up on mobile phones for some reason from WordPress. Go to my Free Music Archives page to enjoy this mix. (Don’t worry! It’s a clean link to a great site!)


Summer thunderstorms in South Texas blow up and over the Hill Country, bristling black clouds like a ruffled crow, creeping over the lush, gray-green swags of rain-fed trees that embroider the riverbank, and speaking in loud strong voice. So this mix is dedicated to those kinds of storms, the ones I love best— full of pomp and weather, breaking our bad drought with a peal and a haloo and a bright, strange call.

*Er, you did notice that you can legally download this entire mix, right? If you like some specific songs you see here, click on any of the song titles from this page to go to the FMA pages created by the various musicians (and their truly independent record labels) and give them a visit. Most of the musicians maintain full websites where you can buy music as well. (The Net Record Labels most certain do!) You can visit my page on the FMA by clicking on my link near the top of the mix. Thanks!

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