5-Minute Dance Party: [Stephen Fry – How to be Gorgeous]


And it’s true. Honestly, it’s true.


*We do love that lovely Stephen Fry around here, don’t we?


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  1. Nice post Sweet Pea. Funny too.

  2. I love this man. I’ve seen many of his movies and we watch his tv quiz show – QI – religiously. Wry, dry and WITTY!

  3. QI is the only program worth watching in the Australian TV schedules, even the really really old episodes :)

    • What’s QI? Tell me, quick! Netflix (in the US) is finally starting to get a bit of Australian programming. Most of it “classic” television, but still— I’m very excited about this!

    • Stands for ‘Quite Interesting’ and often is :) mainly an urban myth busting-fest hosted by Stephen Fry, guested usually by comedians, often goes off on a tangent, very, very funny – convulted point system means answering with an urban myth guarantees losing about twenty points…..best go to Youtube to get a flavour for it – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2yuqYMQXkc
      very British type humour (or in this clip Scottish) !

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