5-Minute Dance Party [Percy Dovetonsils]



I love Ernie Kovacs— just loooooooove him.

And, truth be told, Kovacs is really cheering me up right now.

Please do stay tuned for the Super-Secret Friday Night 5-Minute Dance Party at 5 p.m. (CST) featuring more silliness, and maaaaaybe more Kovacs.


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  1. This Ernie guy is a new one for me but I like that his humour is as dry as that ‘martini’. :) -hugs-

  2. Holy Schmolly Sweet Pea, I forgot all about him. He was so funny in these skits. He had a Puerto Rican counterpart who was also funny, however the PR guy tried to be serious with his poetry. It was great! I will see if I can find a link or two of him.

Hey there, cupcake! How are ya?

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