5-Minute Dance Party | Here Comes Your Man, Harold Lloyd

Well, I was so impressed with this fan montage/tribute video by BrackAttack79 that I used up my Pixies credit.

What the hey-ho is a Pixies credit?

It’s like this, my friends— we don’t repeat artists for a single year on Bluebird Blvd.’s patented 5-Minute Dance Party.

Bluebird Blvd. post five dance parties a week for 52 weeks. No repeats.

The Pixies are one of my favorite bands of all time ever in the whole wide universe of sound. Seriously— ever. Did you hear me? ‘Cause I’m using italics for emphasis a lot today.

That means as of this moment rightthissecond, I’ve posted my one Pixies song for the 2013 Bluebird Blvd. 5-Minute Dance Party season.

So that means I’ve used up my Pixies credit!


It’s worth it, right?

I mean, it is Harold Lloyd. And it is the Pixies What confused Bluebird would skip over HAROLD LLOYD and the PIXIES together in a beautifully made montage?

Not me, brother. I’m all in.

How ’bout you? Happy FRIDAY!

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  1. Best Friday present ever. Thank you!

  2. I would hope that a Pixies credit does not include Frank Black’s solo work?

    Or you will just have to do a fanpiece to Surfer Rosa laden with audio and video content….

    • *Grins* You caught me out, Sam! This Pixies Credit does not include its offspring: Frank Black (who I’ve seen twice live— great showman— I’m a huge fan of his solo stuff); Grand Duchy (Heard of them? If you haven’t look ’em up. Cool project!); The Kelley Deal 6000; The Amps; Breeders… or any other collaborations or side projects not mentioned explicitly or vaguely by this list. 🙂

    • Had not heard of Grand Duchy Courtenay. Just kicked off my introduction to them with White Out and their cover of the Cure’s A Strange Day.

      Formed with his wife Violet Clark I note. There’s an idea for a piece – music created by couples (in whatever states of betrothal!). John and Yoko not the obvious starting point of course – of course! – but Richard and Linda Thompson…

      I’m developing the idea now – music before and after marriage/partnership – before covering pre-courting and courting, after, the divorce and other break up fall-outs…

    • You see, I sat down to do a Bluebird Sessions on the Pixies and all of their associated offshoots last year—twice— and never could complete it. I really should hack at it some more.

      Violet Clark is his second wife. They have a fair amount of children. There are some great interviews with Clark. From them, I got the impression that they make an excellent pair. Well met, anyway.

      Side note: As I think I’ve told you, I’ve seen Frank Black twice now— he does an amazing show. That man has showmanship and stamina. You get your money’s worth with him. And he’s my favorite. Oh! And once, Breeders came to town when they were touring with Pod— which I bought and loved— and a friend of mine said there were about five people at the show, so the band got behind the bar and started serving drinks until they decided it was time to play a set. 🙂

      I would love to read a piece of yours that tracks music created by couples— that might include Ike and Tina (even though Ike was evil incarnate to Tina); Sonny and Cher; all those New Wave bands with married pairs, like Annie Lennox and whatsishead (gosh, I feel terrible that I can’t think of his name).

  3. Keep hacking away at it Courtenay, I should love to read it.

    I’ve only ever seen the Pixies live on video – often the atmosphere of a live rock performance does not travel out of its concert space, the Pixies are one of the few I’ve seen where it does.

    Funny – I will often take lucky dips into my music collections and only on the weekend was listening again to tracks from Pod. Prefer Last Splash though – that album has just turned 20 – wow!

    Another couple – Ronnie and Phil Spector – wonder who was the bigger tyrant Ike or Phil…

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