[5-Minute Dance Party] Flow Like Poe

Flow like Poe


(I’m goin’ hard on that tetrameter!)


I hope you enjoy this super-fab song by MC Lars that is a) hilariously fun  b) smart as hell  c) biographically correct   d) super helpful in the poetry department.  (Just wait!  You’ll see what I mean!)

Since we’ll be talking about writing today sometime Tuesday on Bluebird Blvd., it seemed like a good idea to start with the relationship of poetry to music, which MC Lars unpacks so gracefully here.

So, check back this afternoon *noisy sigh* Tuesday for a brand new story!  (It’s about time we got back to our regularly scheduled nonsense, right?) We will get back to our regularly scheduled nonsense, me from yesterday. We will, soon enough.

UPDATE: Remember at the beginning of the summer my laptop went haywire? Now that we are at the end of the summer, my laptop has gone haywire again. This time, instead of repairing it myself, I made an appointment for Apple’s Genius Bar for last Saturday night. Said Genius ran tests on my hardware and discovered my laptop would have to be shipped off for parts and repairs for about nine days. (Whoa! Major repairs! I do not fool around with hardware y’all. I am what is called “incompetent” when it comes to hardware. My fingers are too… stupid to touch machinery.)

And that pesky permissions problem is back, damnit! Apple will check that too.

As a result, I’ve decided to go real old school—I am writing all remaining drafts for this week’s stories in a composition notebook, and then, when The Husband has a window between classes or whatever, I’ll be using his computer to type up whichever drafts I’ve finished, do final revisions, then edits and so on. Thank goodness I don’t have other deadlines! It’s going to be a bit sketchy, but we’ll make it work— we always do, right? See you on Tuesday!

Oh, HEY! You all remember I have a raven just like this one, right? (Well, just like it except for the spooky-ooky eyes!) Go over and say hi to Mr. Koko Mojo, my favorite writing partner, won’t you?

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