5-Minute Dance Party | Deep End Dance

Never say that someone has moved you

if you are in the same place.

Jeanette Winterson

The story of director Conor Horgan’s and choreographer David Bolger’s “Deep End Dance” is nearly as beautiful as the dance itself. 

Yes, David Bolger’s partner is his actual mother.  Marian Bolger was a swimming instructor for Marian College in Dublin for many years.  Click on the link to read Conor Horgan’s lovely description of “Deep End Dance.”


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  1. Meh… the video clip doesn’t like me. I’ll install Flash Player and try again.

    • Oh no! Here’s another thought— click on the link below and go to the Vimeo page directly. Don’t forget to turn off HD— Vimeo sets that as its default if the source material is HD quality. (It’s the big blue “HD” on the bottom right of the video. Click it once, and it will turn dark, which is off.) Hope you get to see it!

    • doesn’t even let me see the controls. 🙁

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