5-Minute Dance Party [Cool Unicorn, Bruv]



And the moral of this story is… what, exactly?


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  1. Moral: Don’t turn your back when the competition is horny.
    Where was PETA when they screwed all those horns onto the horses’ noses?
    Gee Mommy, where did they get all those white horses?
    I didn’t know that horses and rhinoceri could have progeny.

    (Sorry, I guess the last three were not morally correct)

    • D’ya know I was wondering about the second “moral” you mentioned? I was wondering how expensive it was to make all those horns, and then apply them, and then have enough horse-wranglers and ombudsmen (or whatever they’re called) to make that look realistic.

      And it’s only occurring to me now that they might have attached all the horns at the end in post-production. The things you can do with post-production editing these days!

Hey there, cupcake! How are ya?

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