5-Minute Dance Party And Then I Dreamt of Yes


*Whoa! NSFW: This video has implied—well more than implied—nudity. Nothing terrible, but if you’d prefer a different version, please enjoy The Dandy Warhols live version of “And Then I Dreamt of Yes,” courtesy of CBS and Last.fm.

Have you ever seen The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari? It’s a spooky and amazing meditation on the surreal nature of identity, and no one in this movie is quite who he seems to be.


I finally managed to see it last year, and I found this sweeping story to be just as spooky as promised in the 1920s.


In this video, The Dandy Warhols deconstruct the visual concepts of this seminal “horror” movie and reconstruct them within the context of the lyrics for “And I Dreamt of Yes.”


Well I’ve been down now,
like I never got started,
guess you want your world just a certain way

And I could tell you this,
I’ve been outsmarted,
and that hurts me more, than it hurts me how much I miss…


Question: Have you seen The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari? Are there any other films you’ve seen that really touch on the topic of identity in an interesting way?

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  1. I’ve heard of the movie but never seen it. To be honest, horror has never been my thing. 🙁

    • I am so jumpy, Meeka, that I am a bad candidate for watching horror movies.

      The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is a horror movie in the same way that Metropolis is a science fiction movie.

      Someday I will have to tell you about my extremely loud, uncharacteristically girlish scream. All I can say is: Never startle me. I mean, unless you’re intentionally looking for hearing loss. Which I don’t think anyone is, so…. 🙂

    • lmao – my hearing ain’t what it used to be already so I’ll be sure never to startle you. :p

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