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About the extremely awesome Bambino— One of my personal special topics in music for the last few years is listening to music from members of nomad, traveller, and Roma cultures— especially “hybrid” music, like Bambino, who make a great mix from a crunchy rock sensibility with sweet Tuareg musicality.  Thanks to the special genius of Niger’s own Omar al- Moctar (aka, “Bambino”), a slice of cultural brilliance and individual talent has been gaining a wider audience.  Read more about Bambino’s April 2013 Nonesuch release, Nomad,” at The Guardian UK— Bombino: Niger’s Tuareg guitar hero.


Speaking of which—


EEEEEEE!  I am so EX-CIIII-TED!  Guess why!  No really, guess!




Okay, I’ll tell you—


Due to all of the mishaps of June (and a little bit of early July), we will be doing Dune in June… in July (and a little bit of August) this year.  Now, here’s what’s changed— last year we did Dune chronologically.  This year, we will be doing Dune thematically.  Ever since last year, my plan has been to put out an open call to writers who might want to do a special topic on Dune.  Later today, I will be posting a list of a few special topics, but entries are not limited to these ideas.   Length and type of thematic Dune story are also variable.  (Audio, video, and image-based entries  definitely encouraged!)

AND… I will be doing 30 stories in 30 days starting today, covering a range of subjects from Dune (of course) to a piece on the nature of genius in pop music for the Bluebird Sessions to the reboot of Our Sunday Best‘s ongoing special edition on photographers to some new entries in the Bluebird Dictionary.

It’s going to be a blast!

I hope you think so too!





HEY!  KINDA IMPORTANT!  I have switched to a more functional RSS feed because the native WordPress version was not working correctly, and I don’t know why.  The new feed is from Feedburner, which will be our mainstay unless it becomes glitchy, or Google shuts it down.  Before I chose Feedburner, I tested five other RSS management systems, some paid, some free, and wouldn’t you know it, Feedburner still worked the best out of all of them.    Enjoy the NEW BLUEBIRD BLVD. RSS FEED — embedded videos!  Links!  All the bells and whistles we all know and love!

ALSO IMPORTANT!  We will be doing DUNE in JUNE in JULY  (and a little bit of August) this year.  Yeah, I know it doesn’t rhyme.  But it took me all this time to get Bluebird Blvd. mostly functional.  On Friday, I will be posting the schedule for Dune this year.  Two special things—  ONE, we have our own Bluebird Blvd. Google Group!  So, c’mon over and we can talk about DUNE IN REAL TIME!  (WOOT!)  TWO, I am going to be throwing out some open pitches for writers who might want to do something thematic on Dune this year.  Interested?  Email me:  bluebirdblvd (at) att (dot) net.


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